Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General questions about the course

Is there an exam?

No, we will check all competences during the course day.

Can I do a course when I'm pregnant

Yes you can when you can still sit on your knees to practice CPR. Be aware that our classroom is on the second floor and that we don't have an elevator. If walking stairs is a problem, it's better to postpone the course

I already did the CPR part elsewere, do I have to repeat that?

Yes, you cannot do just part of the course. See it as an extra oppertunity to practice!

Do you also give 'BHV' in English?

Yes, this is possible in company with a minimum of 8 persons. Contact us when you're interested.

Questions about the certificate?

What kind of certificate will I receive?

We work together with the Red Cross for our certificates. For CPR-course you'll receive a certificate by the European Resuscitation council.

How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for 2 years. We advise to renew your knowledge every year.

How long will it take to receive the certificate?

Normally you'll receive the certificate the same that, but always within a few days.

I have a foreign First aid certificate. Can I do a renewal course with you?

This depends on the type of certificate. Please send us an email with the certificate and we'll check what's possible.

My certificate is expired. Can I still do a renewal course?

No, when your certificate is expired you do the beginner course again.

Will the certificate be in Dutch / English?

You will always receive the certificate both in English and in Dutch

Questions about costst and reimbursement

How much costs a first aid course?

This depends on which course. Check the different courses for all prices.

Do you offer free first aid courses?

No, we don't. But, courses are often reimbursed by the additional health insurance. Check your policy to see whether a first aid course is reimbursed.

Will the course be reimbursed by the health insurance.

Most additional health insurance policies reimburse (part of) the first aid course. Our Red Cross certified courses follow the new first aid guidelines and always include CPR and the use of an AED. Check here which insurance policies reimburse a first aid course.
Workshops and tailor-made training may not be reimbursed.

How do I submit the invoice to the health insurance?

When you register for a first aid course, you will receive an invoice from us. You pay the amount to us first, then you submit the invoice to the insurance company. It is not possible to have the invoice paid directly to us by the health insurer.
With most health insurance plans it is only possible to submit the course after the course has been completed. This is in any case the case with VGZ and IZZ. We therefore recommend that you always only submit the invoice after the course.

Help, the health insurance does not want to pay, now what ?

First check whether your health insurance reimburses a first aid course. This does not apply to all health insurance policies. You will find an overview here.
Have you submitted the invoice before the course date? Then that's probably the problem. Please try again after the course date. Usually the invoice is then paid.
The insurer still does not want to pay? Please contact us. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust an invoice afterwards.

I can't find back the invoice. Now what?

If you send us an email, we will resend the invoice to you as soon as possible.

Questions about login in, Heartbeat and the e-learning

How can I log in to Hearteat / the Red Cross?

If you have registered via the website of the Red Cross, you will immediately receive your registration details for Heartbeat. If you have registered via our website, we will create an account for you within 2 working days. The email with login details comes from the Red Cross. It may end up in spam. It is important to activate your account within 7 days, otherwise the activation code will expire. If you are too late with this, please send us an email and we will reactivate your account. If you follow a course with e-learning, we will activate it within 2 days. If this has not happened, then something has gone wrong, please contact us and we will arrange it as soon as possible.

My activation code has expired, what to do?

It is important to activate your account within 7 days. If you do not do this, your account will be blocked. Send us an email and we will send you a new activation code.

My account has been blocked, what to do?

Send us an email and we'll see what went wrong. If your activation code has expired, we can generate a new one. If you have entered an incorrect password too many times, only the Red Cross back office can reactivate your account. This may take several days.

How do I start the e-learning?

After registration, we will activate your e-learning within 2 days. You will then receive an email from our administration system. When you log in to Heartbeat you will automatically see the e-learning.
Heartbeat does not work well on mobile phones. So make sure you make the e-learning on a PC or tablet.

How long will it take before I can start the e-learning?

We will activate the e-learning within 2 working days. Unfortunately, this is a manual process and does not happen automatically upon registration. If this has not happened, then something has gone wrong. In that case, please contact us.

How does the course work with e-learning?

The e-learning consists of a combination of videos, text and test questions. You can carry out the e-learning wherever and whenever you want. It is important that the e-learning is completed before the start of the course.

Questions about the course day and location.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?

Yes it is

Can I pump during the course?

Yes, you can. It is appreciated if you send an email in advance, then we will ensure that there is a good spot for you. There is also the option to store milk in the fridge.

Is there also vegetarian/vegan lunch?

We offer a lunch with sandwiches for courses > 4 hours. We have different types of vegetarian options. If you want to eat vegan, please let us know as soon as possible. If the groceries have not yet been ordered, we can order vegan sandwiches. If the groceries have already been ordered, you must bring your own lunch.

How can the course location be reached?

Our location is at Pisanostraat 55D in Eindhoven, right behind the Catharina hospital. This is 7 minutes from the highway (A50) and 6 minutes by bus from Eindhoven central station.

Where can I park?

You can park for free in the Pisanostraat.
Bicycles can be parked in front of our building. 

Other questions

I can't or don't want to install the qCPR app, what now?

No problem. We need 1 person with the app per three students, there is probably someone else who does have the app.

Where can I find the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be found in Dutch over here. They will soon also be translated to English.

I can no longer participate, what are the rules for cancellations and rebooking?

You can find them here

Are you part of the Red Cross?

New. We offer Red Cross certified courses, but are not part of the Red Cross

My question has not yet been answered, where can I go?

Is your question not answered? Please contact us.